Joinstr Electrum Plugin v0.1.0 (Pre-alpha) Released

Joinstr is a free and open-source coinjoin implementation using nostr relays to coordinate coinjoin rounds.

Joinstr Electrum Plugin v0.1.0 (Pre-alpha) Released
  • "Hi Bitcoin Developers. A pre-alpha release for electrum plugin to try joinstr protocol is available. Joinstr is a protocol for coinjoin using nostr," announced @/dev/fd0 to the Bitcoin Mailing list.
"I have also updated docs and website. Feel free to share your feedback after reviewing the code, docs and testing the plugin," added the developer.

NOTE: This is a pre-alpha release which can be used on mainnet with some trade-offs. Specifically, there is no sybil resistance added yet so avoid using untrusted relays and suspicious pools, warns the project's site.

  • Learn more about sybil resistance in joinstr here. The NIP for coinjoins on Nostr can be found here.

What's new

  • Pools using encrypted channels. "Electrum plugin is now using pools using nostr encrypted channels. Users can create or join existing pools for coinjoin."
  • Riseup VPN. "Riseup VPN is used which connects to a server based on config. This ensures all the peers in a pool use the same IP address to connect with relays and publish nostr events."
  • Use of ANYONECANPAY sighash. "All participants sign PSBT using SIGHASH_ALL | SIGHASH_ANYONECANPAY flag in the input registration phase."
  • Support for paid nostr relays. "Paid nostr relays can be used for pools in which members need to pay a one-time fee to join the pool."

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