Hedgehog: Protocol for Asynchronous Layer 2 Bitcoin Payments

Hedgehog is a protocol for two party payment channels. Hedgehog channels are similar to lightning channels but with a few comparative benefits such as offline receive capabilities.

Hedgehog: Protocol for Asynchronous Layer 2 Bitcoin Payments
  • "My latest invention is Hedgehog: a protocol for asynchronous layer two bitcoin payments," announced Super Testnet.
  • "The user experience is similar to ecash protocols like cashu or fedimint, except with no server."
"Hedgehog is bult on a primitive in bitcoin script called "revocable connectors." To make revocable connectors, you need two even more primitive primitives: revocable scripts and connector outputs."
  • "I have an idea for how to use hedgehog channels to build a federated coinpool that I call Burrow. It has a bunch of cool properties but it requires a coordination server. See more here," was stated in the project's GitHub Repo.


  • Hedgehog channels are simpler than lightning channels;
  • State updates only require the sender to propose an update and the recipient to accept it;
  • The recipient can wait to accept a state change until they want to propose another one.

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