How Current Got To Keep Zaps on Its iOS App on Apple Store

After numerous rejections, Current app iOS version v0.1.0 is now on available for download on the Apple's App Store.

How Current Got To Keep Zaps on Its iOS App on Apple Store
  • "Our new App version for iOS 0.1.0 Liberia is available on the App Store for Download."
  • "This release is special because we went through the meat grinder Apple App review process and survived."

How Current got to keep zaps on iOS app

  • "In June, Damus faced issues with Apple's review process due to the "zap" feature on posts. Apple's App Review Support (AARS) stated that any feature offering value should implement In-App Purchases (IAP) per their guidelines. Although the "zap" feature was merely for user engagement, Apple insisted on IAP for compliance."
  • "An understanding was reached to make IAP optional. The final solution allowed users to purchase SATS via a $0.99 IAP or transfer SATS from other wallets, retaining the zap feature's simplicity."
  • "This approach abides by Apple's rules and aids in introducing users to Nostr, Bitcoin, and Lightning."

Dialogue with Apple's App Review Support

  • Apple App Review Support (AARS): Hello Current App Developer! We've reviewed the latest version of your app and noticed that you have a "zap" feature on posts. As per our guidelines 3.1.1, you need to implement In-App Purchases (IAP) for such features.
  • Current: Hi there! Thanks for reaching out. The zap feature is just a fun addition we introduced for user engagement. Could you specify why we need IAP for it?
  • AARS: Certainly! Any digital goods or services, including features that provide additional content or enhance the user experience, should use our IAP system. This ensures a consistent experience for users and maintains the integrity of the App Store ecosystem.
  • Current: Interesting. But "zap" is a non-essential feature and doesn't provide any additional content. It's just a fun way for users to interact. Does it still qualify?
  • AARS: If users derive any value from it, then it does qualify. And as you said, it's for user engagement. So, implementing IAP will ensure you comply with our guidelines.
  • Current: I really value the community we've built around our app. Forcing them to go through an IAP, may deter many of them. If this continues, we might consider shutting down the app rather than diminishing the user experience.
  • AARS: We understand your concerns and certainly wouldn't want to see a valuable app leave our platform. However, our guidelines are in place to maintain consistency across the App Store.

(Saying the same thing again and again as a broken record)

"Then I [Current] asked the question in a different way."

  • Current: How do I even know how to track if the SATS are from IAP or users sending it between each other.
  • AARS: We don’t care or control how you manage them inside your App. All we need is to implement IAP when purchasing SATS and users are allowed to use SATS they got from other users.
"A light bulb went on in my brain. Oh.. you just want us to implement IAP and make it optional. You check the box that app complies with policy and we tell the user not to use that option…!"
  • Current: Ok. so you want us to implement IAP but make it “Optional”.
  • AARS: Yes. We don’t control how you implement it.
  • Current: Alright thanks. Will work on a version to and submit for review. But we need more time to comply as one of our developers is on Parental leave.
  • AARS: Ok. We can extend the deadline by 2 more weeks.

*Call ended.*

  • "The goal is to create an In App purchase option to load SATS into the wallet. But make it optional so that none of us will need to use that option. However it can be of use for a no coiner coming into Nostr and Bitcoin for the first time and experience zapping, they can simply purchase it for $1 and get SATS on to their wallet and start zapping immediately."
"But if you are a bitcoiner and user of lightning with SATS on another wallet, you can easily transfer SATS in and out of Current wallet and you DO NOT need to use the In-App purchase at all. Because IAP is integrated with wallet, it does not come in the middle of zaps. Zaps on posts work the same way as before. One click. Zap.Zap.Zap."
  • "Again, We DO NOT recommend using this feature and it is optional."
  • "Of Course, it did not stop here. When we submitted the first version for review, it got rejected 3 more times."

What's new in Current iOS v0.1.0

  • Major bug fixes
  • Fixed keyboard issues
  • Fixed badge crashes
  • In App subscription to use premium features such as zaps
Current Premium features.
"We remain staunch in our belief that zaps play a crucial role within the Nostr ecosystem. By integrating them into the iOS app and ensuring their accessibility, we hope to fortify and expand the Nostr community at large."

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