Harbor: Ecash Desktop Wallet for Better Bitcoin Privacy

Harbor is an open-source ecash desktop wallet for better bitcoin privacy.

Harbor: Ecash Desktop Wallet for Better Bitcoin Privacy
  • "We're excited to announce our newest product, Harbor. Harbor is an ecash desktop wallet for better Bitcoin privacy," announced Tony Giorgio in a blog post.
"At its core, Harbor is a desktop ecash wallet capable of sending and receiving Bitcoin. Using Harbor will feel like using many Bitcoin wallets you already know. What makes Harbor different from our Fedimint-based Mutiny Wallet or other ecash-based wallets is privacy, multi-mint, and automation."
  • "Harbor isn't ready for mainnet yet, but you can go ahead and start playing around with the wallet on our testing Signet network. It's already fully open-sourced, so if you'd like to contribute, we would gladly welcome any help."

NOTE: This is alpha software that could rapidly change in feature set. There is risk of losing funds. Compile and run at your own risk.

  • "Please use the discussion boards on GitHub or the Harbor channel on our Discord. This will primarily drive the Harbor feature set."


  • Ecash. "With non-custodial coinjoin services being unlawfully targeted and criminalized, we need another method to seek our own privacy while the fight is underway. Fortunately, ecash is a highly functional yet incredibly private way to create a digital cash-like bearer asset."
  • Bitcoin - on-chain and lightning.
  • Privacy - everything runs over tor. "Harbor will be Tor-only and will not depend on other network connections for anything besides the ecash mints. This is key to the longevity of Harbor to have no dependencies on centralized coordinators or even the developers. This is code users run themselves to connect to their own mints privately with no middlemen."
      • "We'll also be providing an internal privacy score to the overall privacy health of your ecash. This score will be based on the longevity of your notes and your mints' overall activity."
  • Multi-mint - spread funds over multiple mints. "To minimize risk and exposure to a single mint, Harbor will allow you to add multiple mints and distribute funds across many of them. This helps you limit the loss of funds if a mint stops functioning. Further, we plan to support Cashu and Fedimint, giving users the most control and optionality."
  • Automation - can run in the background and move your funds automatically. "We're explicitly choosing to make this a desktop-only experience to take advantage of several automation features that require it to run in long intervals. We eventually want to make it capable of running on always-online devices like Start9."
    • "Background automation will allow us to fully utilize the multi-mint feature to provide the most privacy features. These include the automatic distribution of funds across mints at different intervals. This is important because the timing and amount analysis still apply to ecash. "
    • "We also want to have Bitcoin automatically transferred to a hardware wallet once the desired privacy levels are reached."
  • "Visit our Geyser funding page. Any donations are greatly appreciated for funding development and signaling that it's a valuable tool to you," adds the project.

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