GrapheneOS v2024040300 Released

GrapheneOS is an open-source, privacy and security-focused mobile operating system based on the Android Open Source Project (AOSP).

GrapheneOS v2024040300 Released

What's new (2024040300)

  • full 2024-04-05 security patch level
  • rebased onto AP1A.240405.002 Android Open Source Project release
  • fix upstream OS limitation preventing using emergency dialer from setup wizard in secondary users
  • Vanadium: update to version 123.0.6312.99.0

What's new (2024040200)

  • full 2024-04-01 security patch level (early release based on AOSP 14 April security backports since the official April AOSP and stock Pixel OS monthly releases aren't available yet);
  • fix race condition for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth auto-turn-off leading to the first auto-turn-off timer after the first Wi-Fi or Bluetooth state update potentially not being scheduled;
  • fix Wi-Fi auto-turn-off no longer handling Wi-Fi state change events not involving a Wi-Fi network;
  • DocumentsUI (Files): do not delegate handling of downloaded APKs to DownloadProvider to avoid confusing install permission prompt;
  • flash-all: raise minimum fastboot version to 34.0.5;
  • kernel (Pixel 8, Pixel 8 Pro): sign vendor modules after building them instead of only signing generic (GKI) modules;
  • kernel (6.1): update to latest GKI LTS branch revision;
  • fix upstream bug breaking pressing power button 5 times to make an emergency call;
  • fix upstream bug causing 5 second delay to start the emergency dialer for the first time;
  • CarrierConfig2 (app created by GrapheneOS to replace Google CarrierSettings): add stub implementation of VendorConfigProvider;
  • Setup Wizard: use new API for emergency calls;
  • Setup Wizard: add prompt for unlocked bootloader triggering reboot to fastboot mode to lock;
  • Setup Wizard: add prompt for disabling OEM unlocking after the device is locked (will be disabled by default);
  • GmsCompatConfig: update to version 100;
  • GmsCompatConfig: update to version 101;
  • Vanadium: update to version 123.0.6312.80.0;
  • Vanadium: update to version 123.0.6312.80.1.

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