GrapheneOS Now Available on Pixel Tablet

Pixel Tablet is the latest secure device that meets the requirements of running GrapheneOS.

GrapheneOS Now Available on Pixel Tablet
Source: Trusted Reviews.
  • "Initial GrapheneOS support for the Pixel Tablet is now available."
  • "It can be installed via our web installer ( or the official CLI install procedure."
  • "The basics are confirmed to work properly already and we're currently working on our first update for it."
  • "The Pixel Tablet running GrapheneOS works with the Charging Speaker Dock as both a charger and a speaker. Smart display features in the stock OS that are activated by docking require privileged Play services integration and likely won't be available via sandboxed Google Play."
  • "Pixel Fold may take significantly more work to support since it's a new form factor and there may be issues in AOSP," project developers said.

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