PayPal Shut Down GrapheneOS Foundation's Account Used For Donations

"PayPal has locked our account with almost $4000 in donations after we added the GrapheneOS Foundation bank accounts on 2023-07-27."

PayPal Shut Down GrapheneOS Foundation's Account Used For Donations
  • "Unfortunately, PayPal permanently locked our GrapheneOS Foundation account today," said the organization.
  • "No reason has been provided for the account being locked. All we've done is accept donations."
  • "We added our bank account information yesterday in order to begin withdrawing money and it was locked."
"GrapheneOS Foundation is a non-profit organization incorporated federally in Canada. PayPal required us to provide both proof of identity and address for each director along with other documents, etc. to have our account approved."
  • "We believe our account was shut down because we accept cryptocurrency donations including via Monero. PayPal partially locked our account and demanded proof for source / purpose of each transaction. We provided a link to Our account was then force closed."
  • "We received CA$3,950.75 [~USD$3,000] of donations through it."

Bitcoin can be used to donate to the non-profit GrapheneOS Foundation. You can send Bitcoin donations to the following Bech32 (Segwit) address:

Alternatively, you can donate to the following Bech32m (Taproot) address if your wallet supports it (preferred):

  • Other donation options can be found here.

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