Gossip v0.7.0: UI and Relay Handling Improvements

Gossip is a security-focused desktop client for Nostr.

Gossip v0.7.0: UI and Relay Handling Improvements
  • "Gossip follows people at they relays they profess to post to. That means it has to discover which relays those are (see NIP-65). Gossip connects to all relays necessary to cover everybody you follow, while also trying to listen to the minimum number of relays necessary to do that (considering that there is overlap, and that people generally post to multiple relays). It also dynamically adjusts to relays being down or disconnecting."
  • "Gossip handles private keys as securely as reasonable (short of hardware tokens), keeping them encrypted under a passphrase on disk, requiring that passphrase on startup, and zeroing memory."
  • "Gossip avoids web technologies (other than HTTP GET and WebSockets). We use simple OpenGL-style rendering instead."

What's new

  • UI: Side Menu and Theme updates
  • Zap receipts (no zaps yet)
  • Improved subscription for augmenting events (likes, zap receipts, deletions)
  • Better muting
  • Improvements in relay handling, including job persistence, timeouts, disconnection handling,
  • More relay configuration settings
  • Search much more extensive (still local only)
  • Delegation: delegated events show in feed of person delegated from
  • MacOS: cmd+enter submits posts; full size content enabled
  • Multiple profiles (set GOSSIP_PROFILE to any profile you want, each kept separately)
  • Proof-of-work progress logging
  • Various bug fixes

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