Gordian Seed Tool v1.6.0 Released

Gordian Seed Tool is a cryptographic seed manager for iOS and macOS devices.

Gordian Seed Tool v1.6.0 Released
  • "Gordian Seed Tool, the @BlockchainComns iOS exemplar for protecting and using your cryptographic seeds, has been updated to version 1.6," announced Christopher Allen.
  • "Gordian Seed Tool is a seed vault: a place to store your cryptographic secrets. But it can also be used to sign PSBTs or to output keys to wallets," he explained.
"Fundamentally, Gordian Seed Tool is meant as an exemplar of best practices: how to store seeds securely; how to back them them up; how to use them securely. It's also an exemplar for @BlockchainComns developer specifications such as Envelope and SSKR."
  • "Gordian Seed Tool 1.6 demonstrates how Envelope can be used to export seeds with metadata including notes, dates, and even descriptors. This can be crucial for recovering funds from a specific derivation path. It also shows how data elision works in Envelope. If there's too much content for a specific storage medium, metadata is elided (and can hopefully be recovered from a different share or backup)."
  • "The newest version of Gordian Seed Tool also makes improvements to hex, BIP39, and Bytewords entry. These are equally crucial methods for recovering data, and we want to encourage strong ease-of-use for the entry methods. Now it also shows lifehashes of master fingerprints, as another guidance for users recognizing seeds."
  • "Gordian Seed Tool 1.6 has more than half-a-year's advances in specifications, best practices, and other expansions. If you have an iOS device, take a look. To support this sort of continued work, to empower users and wallet manufacturers alike, please become a @BlockchainComns sponsor."
  • Gordian Seed Tool is available from the Apple Appstore for the iPhone, or can be compiled from source here.

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