Fully Noded v1.1.1: BBQr, Updated UR Support

Fully Noded is a self-sovereign, secure, and easy to use iOS and macOS Bitcoin wallet with a powerful suite of tools for advanced users

Fully Noded v1.1.1: BBQr, Updated UR Support
  • Fully Noded (original) v1.1.1 has been released. Release highlights include BBQr support, updated UR support, and improved compatibility with a multitude of hardware and software wallets.
  • "Please try it out and provide feedback," said the developer.
"If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to us on our Telegram group."

What's new

  • Fixes a bug when creating a transaction with a non Fully Noded wallet could result in a never ending spinner.
  • Fixes a crash that could occur after creating a multi-sig wallet when opting to view the backup QR code.
  • Updates to latest UR spec.
  • BBQr support for importing/exporting psbts and wallets.
  • Improved compatibility with wallets utilizing UR and BBQr.
  • Utilize 0.01 002 030 btc balance format.
  • Display available balance on the transaction creator view.
  • Remove DNS port from Tor config options as it was unused.
  • Fix a bug that erroneously displayed the "Error" header on alerts when copying values on the invoice view.
  • Displays the Coldcard wallet text file format in the wallet detail view.
  • Export your wallet in ur bytes, ur output descriptor and BBQr formats.
  • Display first 5 addresses when importing a wallet via a descriptor.
  • Hot wallets will now display the xprv in the backup QR/text.
  • Add a button for animating static UR QR's in the QR displayer view, BBQr will automatically animate.
  • Fixes a bug that may have prevented a psbt from being displayed.
  • Improves compatibility with other wallets (wallet pairing, psbt importing, multisig wallet creation and exporting).
  • Upgrades Tor to v408.11.2.

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