Fuji App Announces Public Beta

Fuji Money is a Lightning-enabled non-custodial synthetic asset protocol on the Liquid Network to borrow bitcoin-backed stablecoins and synthetic stocks without intermediaries.

Fuji App Announces Public Beta
  • "We’re excited to announce the public beta of Fuji and the issuance of Fuji USD, the over-collateralized stablecoin backed by Bitcoin."
  • "The Fuji protocol enables the issuance and burn of synthetic assets that are backed by Bitcoin collateral and tracks the price of a reference index. This is regulated by a collection of Bitcoin Script covenants."
  • "Loans are paid out in FUSD — an over-collateralized USD pegged stablecoin backed by Bitcoin, deployed on the Liquid Network."
  • "On May 15th 2023, the Treasury will issue the zero-value genesis of Fuji USD."
  • "Today, we are open-sourcing our reference implementation of a web application that connects to your Marina Wallet browser extension to interact with Fuji to mint and burn Fuji USD."

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