Fountain v1.0.9 & Fountain Radio Released

The latest Fountain update contains a number of updates to the clips feature, plus UI improvements and bug fixes across the app. Fountain Radio is a community station for music - powered by Bitcoin.

Fountain v1.0.9 & Fountain Radio Released
  • "We built Fountain Radio to help great music get discovered and give the community a place to enjoy it together," announced the project.
  • Go to to start listening.

Here’s how it works:

  • Log in with your Fountain account on desktop or mobile. You can also log in with Nostr using the Alby browser extension.
  • Listen to the track currently playing and boost to support. Fountain takes a 1% split and the rest goes to the artist.
  • Add a track to the queue for 100 sats (which is around five cents). You can search for any track in Podcast Index.
  • Upvote tracks to move them to the front of the queue. The track with the most sats will play next.
  • Save your favourite tracks to your library. Listen to your latest discoveries again in the Fountain app.
  • Join the live chat and hang out with other listeners and artists. You can post in the chat for free and see all recent activity.

How to post your music on Fountain

"There are a couple of different services that you can use to publish your music to an RSS feed and make it available in apps like Fountain: Wavlake or RSS Blue.

What's new (app)

  • Latest clips on home page. "We’ve updated the UI in Fountain 1.0.9 so that you see the clip title, the show tile and artwork, as well as the user who posted or liked the clip."
  • Faster clip publishing. "It took quite a long time for clips to be published once you pressed post. We’ve reduced the wait time to just a few seconds."
  • Improved accuracy on iOS. "We had reports from iPhone users that the start and end position of clips didn’t always match exactly. This has now been fixed."
  • Clip transcripts. "The transcript view underneath the clip editor will now follow the current playback position as you’re editing your clip."
  • Time remaining on content cards. "We’ve made a small improvement to the episode content cards so that the duration and time remaining is displayed inside the play button. It’s now easier to see which episodes you’e already started listening to when browsing your library or feed."
  • We now hyperlink all URLs contained in show notes.
  • Improved OPML import loading states.

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