Fountain v1.0.2: Android Improvements, Library Customization & Swipe Gestures

Fountain is a Lightning-powered value-for-value podcasting app where listeners and podcasters get rewarded for the value they provide for others. Available on iOS and Android.

Fountain v1.0.2: Android Improvements, Library Customization & Swipe Gestures
  • "This update is dedicated to our Android users. The app is now faster and more responsive than ever before - and we've bundled in some new features too."
  • "We want to begin by thanking you all for your valuable feedback and support since the recent Fountain 1.0 update. We have been listening to your suggestions and fixing any issues you’ve been experiencing - and we will continue to do so in the coming weeks."
"We are launching on Product Hunt on Thursday 25th January 2024! If we can achieve the coveted “product of the day” accolade, we can generate mass-awareness of Podcasting 2.0 and Value for Value and bring more people into the ecosystem - but we need your support."

What's new

  • Android Improvements. "The app is now considerably faster. You should notice more responsive playback controls with no buffering or lag as long as your device has a good internet connection."
  • Library Customization. "You can now choose which quick links to display or hide at the top of your library page."
  • Swipe Gestures. "We have also added swipe gestures to any items you’ve added to your library, making it quicker and easier to manage your episodes, clips and playlists."
  • Add a nostr link to your profile. "If you have connected your nostr account from the settings in the Fountain app, a link to your nostr page will appear on your profile so that other listeners can start following you easily."
    • "We have a big nostr update coming soon in 2024, so keep a look out for that."
  • Podcast splits manager. "We’ve fixed a couple of bugs that podcasters were experiencing when managing show or episode splits and made some small improvements to the UI too."
  • Toggle autoplay next in queue. " If you like to add items to your queue to listen to later but don’t want them to autoplay, you can turn it off."

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