Fountain v0.4.9: Earnings, Referrals & Comments

Updates to earning system, new referral system, and the ability to comment on non-podcasting 2.0 podcasts.

Fountain v0.4.9: Earnings, Referrals & Comments

Here’s how the new earning system works:

  • You now get paid by Fountain for your first hour of daily podcast listening
  • The earning rate changes every day for each user and it’s completely random. Some days you might earn a little, but if it’s your lucky day you could earn a lot!
  • You no longer need to support podcasts or create clips in order to continue earning or to earn more

Here’s how the new referral system works:

  • Share your referral code with friends who love podcasts
  • Get them to download Fountain and redeem your code
  • You’ll earn 50% of their transaction fees for a year