Fountain v0.7.0: New Podcast Library, Performance Upgrades & Live (beta)

Fountain is a Lightning-powered value-for-value podcasting app where listeners and podcasters get rewarded for the value they provide for others. Available on iOS and Android.

Fountain v0.7.0: New Podcast Library, Performance Upgrades & Live (beta)
  • "Fountain 0.7.0 is now live on iOS and Android. The new update includes: New Podcast Library, Transcripts, Performance Upgrades, and Live (beta)."

What's new

  • "The first thing you will notice when you get the latest update is that the Podcasts page has been renamed Library."
  • "We have also introduced some highly-requested features to the Library," such as:

    - Sort content in your Library.
    - Auto delete and mark as played.
    - Customize settings for each show.
  • "Fountain now supports the <podcast:transcript> tag so you can read along as you listen. You can also search transcripts and find a specific point to start playing from - and you can access them offline."
  • "Not only will transcripts show up in Fountain if they have been provided by the podcaster, but transcripts for every episode are also available on-demand."
  • "Through our partnership with DeepgramAI, transcripts are:
    - Fast: Transcribe an hour long episode in under 30 seconds.
    - Accurate: Detect languages and speakers regardless of audio quality.
    - Cheap: Pay $0.50 an hour or get unlimited transcripts with Premium."
  • "Fountain now supports the <podcast:liveItem> tag so you can participate in real time as the podcast is being recorded. Boosting and streaming sats works exactly the same for livestreams as it does for regular episodes, so the experience becomes fully interactive."
  • "This is a beta feature, so we really appreciate any feedback you can share back with us after playing around with it."

Performance and UX upgrades

  • "Page loading speeds: We now cache pages you’ve already visited, making the app feel much faster."
  • "New episode syncing: When new episodes are released, they will now appear on Fountain without delay."
  • "Push notifications: Customize your settings to receive push notifications when someone follows you, likes one of your clips or comments, replies to one of your clips or comments, or when new episodes are released for specific shows."
  • "Show notes: Tap the info button on any show or episode card to read more."

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