Foundation Passport v2.3.0: Full Taproot Support, SeedQR Export & More

Passport is a Bitcoin open source hardware wallet by Foundation. It puts special focus on usability and design.

Foundation Passport v2.3.0: Full Taproot Support, SeedQR Export & More
  • "We’re beyond thrilled to be able to release Passport firmware v2.3.0, including full Taproot supportrevamped passphrase behavior, an all-new address explorer, master seed SeedQR export, 12-word seed phrase support, 12th/24th word generation for advanced users, and native OP_RETURN message viewing and signing."
  • "This release is one of our largest to date and includes a massive amount of new features, improvements, and bug fixes."

What's new

  • Full Taproot support. "Passport now has full support for sending and receiving using Taproot, making the combination of Envoy and Passport a powerful way to leverage the latest and greatest tech that Bitcoin has to offer."
  • Passport now has full support for verifying and displaying OP_RETURN messages directly on-screen.
OP_RETURN Text Parsing
  • Account and multisig configuration displays have been reworked to make them contextual to the currently active wallet.
  • You can now export Passport’s master seed phrase via SeedQR, if desired.
Master SeedQR Flow
  • We’ve added a brand new address explorer, allowing you to browse receive addresses directly on Passport and even display them as QR codes!
  • Passport now allows the creation of 12 word seed phrases, and defaults to 12 word seed phrases during onboarding. Users can still choose 24 word seed phrases if desired.
  • Advanced users can now generate 11 or 23 words offline, import into Passport, and Passport will automatically calculate the checksum 12th or 24th word when importing the new seed.
  • You can now set a custom name for your Passport. This name will be displayed on boot, making it easier to distinguish between your various Passport devices.
  • You can now check the exact percentage of battery Passport has in the settings under Device > Battery.


  • We’ve improved address display based on the Bitcoin Design guidelines, making it easier than ever to verify addresses on Passport!
  • Verifying addresses on Passport is now significantly faster.
  • Passport now only prompts a single/multisig wallet type choice when verifying addresses if there is a multisig config imported for the active wallet fingerprint.
  • Users can now optionally display the seed words on-screen when first setting up Passport and using encrypted backups.
  • Improved how headers are displayed when creating or importing seeds to better reflect which step of the process a user is on.
  • Added a prompt to users setting up Passport to ensure they are in a private or secure place before carrying out the setup process.
  • Removed an unnecessary prompt to select or delete firmware when going through the firmware update flow.
  • Removed unnecessary imports in the firmware compilation process, optimizing Passport firmware size.
  • Backups can now be restored from anywhere on a microSD card, not just from the “proper” backups folder.
  • Browsing files on microSD no longer has a 20 file limit.
  • Improved minor error message dialogues.
  • Auto-shutdown has been lengthened for the onboarding process to avoid accidental shutdowns during onboarding.
  • Improved the success icon when verifying addresses.
  • Verifying reproducible builds of Passport firmware is now possible without granting Docker root permissions.
  • Wasabi Wallet has been removed from the list of export options.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an incorrect warning dialogue when backing out of a manual encrypted backup.
  • Key Manager seed export no longer displays a setup screen that was there by mistake.
  • Fixed an issue where you couldn’t go back in the Predictive text explainers.
  • Fixed an issue where pressing back on SeedQR recovery screens would throw an error.
  • Fixed an issue where using the # character in an account name would break account name display.
  • Fixed a minor bottom menu selection display bug after exporting to SeedQR
  • Fixed a minor visual issue where the header would start scrolling in FE because it was too long.
  • Security words can only be enabled if you input the pin again correctly now.
  • Improved the setup flow after resetting Passport to prevent a potential bug.

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