Foundation Passport Firmware v2.2.0 and Envoy v1.5.0 Released

"With this version of Passport’s firmware we’ve added the ability to seamlessly switch back and forth between signing via QR and microSD, added the ability to restore from SeedQR, improved the user interface on Founder’s Edition, and added many quality of life improvements across the board."

Foundation Passport Firmware v2.2.0 and Envoy v1.5.0 Released
  • "We’re excited to announce that the latest version of Passport firmware – 2.2.0 – is now live! To download it, simply initiate the update from Envoy to be guided through the process."
"With the number of new features we included in 2.1.x, we took this release to focus on refining our unified firmware between Founder’s Edition and Batch 2, as well as paving the way for full Taproot support in 2.3.0."

What's new

  • Automatically detect when a transaction being signed via QR is very large and prompt the user with the option to sign via microSD instead.
  • You can now write a signed transaction out to microSD directly from the animated QR screen on Passport.
  • You can now import a SeedQR directly into Passport when restoring from seed.
  • Further improved signing of abnormally large transactions via both QR code and microSD.
  • Added an automatic encrypted microSD backup step when restoring Passport from a seed phrase.
  • Improved the spacing and alignment of text throughout the menu UI on Founder’s Edition to better account for the slightly different screen sizes.
  • Implemented secp256k1 support from [rust-bitcoin](, a requirement for full Taproot receive support in a future update.
  • We now create directories automatically on the microSD card as needed for storing partially-signed Bitcoin transactions (PSBTs), multisig configs, wallet configs, health checks, and Key manager.
  • Passport now uses a 3-digit code for sorting backup files, ensuring that backups are easier to distinguish and sort.
  • Added additional context when setting a passphrase to ensure users understand that all passphrases are valid, and that Passport will clear passphrases upon shutdown.
  • Initial address verification for new accounts is now much faster.
  • Optimized fonts to free up some space in firmware.
  • Improved the Foundation icon when setting up a new Passport Founder’s Edition device.
  • Improved special character selection.
  • Upgraded to the latest version of foundation-rs, our open-source Rust library.
  • Removed unnecessary USB files, correcting a minor licensing display issue and simplifying compilation.
  • Improved copy and behavior of hiding and showing hidden keys in Key Manager.
  • Improved the behavior of the passphrase application flow when a user incorrectly enters a passphrase and notices the fingerprint does not match.
  • Improved copy on the account details screen regarding the derivation path.
  • Improved the way top icons are displayed on Founder’s Edition.
  • Improved battery level detection and display on Founder’s Edition.
  • Fixed a rare bug that wouldn’t properly display the message after a device is bricked after 21 failed PIN attempts.
  • Passport now properly displays an error when an unusable QR code is scanned that the user can close.
  • Passport now properly resumes saving a file if a microSD card is inserted at the “Missing microSD card” screen.
  • Fixed a display issue when canceling a transaction before signing.
  • Fixed a rare bug where big transactions would occasionally prevent Founder’s Edition from displaying the signed QR code transaction.
  • Fixed a minor display issue with specific, long-form error messages.

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