Flare: A Video Sharing Site Built on Nostr

Flare is a Nostr client for viewing, uploading, and interacting with video content.

Flare: A Video Sharing Site Built on Nostr
  • "Today I'm launching Flare, a video sharing site built on Nostr," announced @Zach, the builder of Flockstr.
"Like YouTube, Flare lets you upload, view, comment, and like videos from your favorite creators. BUT unlike YouTube, we can't strike, shadow-ban, or demonetize you just because we disagree."
  • "Since Flare is built on Nostr, you are free to serve your content from anywhere and consume content from any kind 34235 client you'd like."
  • Check it out at: https://www.flare.pub/
Flare Lauch + Demo Video
Here’s my announcement video for Flare, the Nostr based video sharing platform!

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