Fedimint v0.3.0: Improved Version Compatibility, New Features & Fixes

Fedimint is a module based system for building federated applications. It is meant to be a trust-minimized, censorship-resistant, and private alternative to centralized applications. It ships with hips with 3 default modules: Bitcoin, Lightning, and Chaumian Ecash.

Fedimint v0.3.0: Improved Version Compatibility, New Features & Fixes
  • "Fedimint v0.3.0 has landed," announced the project.
"We made huge progress on automated testing of version compatibility. Thanks to that v0.3.0 federations and clients should be fully backwards and forwards compatible with their v0.2.x versions."
  • "For upgrading instructions please refer to the release page."
  • "Since our last release 3 months ago, 26 developers contributed over 400 PRs, implementing countless features and bug fixes. A big thank you to everyone who helped us achieve this milestone!"
  • "If you want to contribute, have any questions or find any bugs, please reach out on Discord or GitHub."

What's new

New Features

  • Dynamic meta fields through the Meta module
  • Improved load-test-metrics for better performance insights.
  • Capability to pass --auth flag to fedimint-cli dev api.
  • Added recovery tool tests for enhanced reliability.
  • Enhanced LN payments privacy for LND.
  • CLI improvements and more configurable options.
  • Added support to pay a lnurls.
  • Implemented a special case descriptor for single-guardian instances for smaller on-chain transactions.
  • Introduced versioned Gateway API for backward compatibility.
  • Introduced a latency test for restore functions.

Fixes and Updates

  • Introduced a simplification for always proposing block height and feerate votes.
  • Multiple fixes including singular naming in MintOperationMetaVariant, serialization of enums in snake case for API consistency and adjustment for HTLC processing.
  • Addressing warnings and errors for more robust operations and deployment.
  • Various fixes to ensure compatibility and optimization across different platforms, networking conditions and operational scenarios.
  • Database migrations for consistency and performance.
  • Client-side transaction size checks to prevent unexpected server-side rejections

Chore and Maintenance

  • Several chores to clean up code, improve build and testing processes, and update dependencies.
    • *Introduction of concurrency and latency optimizations.
  • Documentation improvements including more information on cargo packages and updating READMEs.
  • Refactoring efforts for cleaner and more maintainable code design.


  • Updated dependencies and code changes to address known vulnerabilities.

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