Fedimint v0.2.1: Stable MVP Release

Fedimint is a federated Chaumian e-cash mint backed by bitcoin with deposits and withdrawals that can occur on-chain or via Lightning. This version 'will stay compatible for a long time and provide an upgrade path into the indefinite future.'

Fedimint v0.2.1: Stable MVP Release
  • "We are excited to announce today that Fedimint 0.2 has landed!"
"This release is a huge milestone for Fedimint as it is now a mostly feature-complete federated e-cash system. Development will be focused on backwards compatible improvements and bug fixes from now on."
  • "However, Fedimint will be anything but stagnant! Having reached a stable MVP stage, we are now excited to see what else can be built with Fedimint as a federated application framework."
  • "Some early projects — such as federated Nostr accounts and prediction markets — give a glimpse into Fedimint’s future!"
  • "We want to thank the many past and present contributors and sponsors without whom this wouldn't have been possible. Also a big thanks to @fedibtc and @MutinyWallet for helping test and debug Fedimint and giving valuable feedback about their integration journeys."
  • "No software is ever perfect, so we invite you to review and test Fedimint. If you run it on mainnet, please don't risk more than you are willing to lose. Think of it as the early days of mainnet Lightning – it's still reckless!"

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