Fedimint Hackathon Winners Announced: 2.58 BTC in Prizes

"The quality of the modules that were submitted was truly impressive, with projects from federated storage to community finance tools that really highlighted the potential impact of Fedimint as a platform that could solve real-world problems."

Fedimint Hackathon Winners Announced: 2.58 BTC in Prizes


Prize: 210 million satoshis and help with supporting the module in the Fedi product.

Project: Stability Pools

Nym/Name: Giosue21m

Description: A module to add "stability pool" functionality to Fedimint. The stability pool allows users to "lock" in the US dollar value of their ecash for a fee. This feature is targeted towards users who are not willing to tolerate bitcoin's price volatility, but still wish to utilize Fedimint and the wider Bitcoin financial system.

Runner ups

Prizes of 21 million satoshis

Project: Proofimint

Name: Wilfred Allyn and VNPRC

Description: A module to automatically create a proof-of-reserves transaction as funds are pegged in and out. This transaction proves that the federation is fully reserved.

Project: Fedimint Smol File System

Name: Matthias

Description: A high-availability key-value storage system meant for small files, backed by a fedimint such as critical configuration details, passwords and multisig setups.

Project: Storagemint

Name: Steffen

Description: Fedimint storage-module adds the capability of storing files for users to back-up images, videos, documents.

Honorable Mentions

Prizes of 2.1 million satoshis

Project: Fedimint Pocket

Name: Sandro Esteban

Description: Fedimint Pocket - A way to custody, manage and storage any type of data using Fedimint.

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