Fedi Bravo v1.17: Global Chat

Fedi is the world's first glimpse of a Federated OS, a home for one's money, chat, and data. Fedi Bravo is an exclusive version for builders, developers, and pioneers.

Fedi Bravo v1.17: Global Chat
  • "Chat just got a major upgrade! With the introduction of Global Chat, you can now engage with anyone on the Fedi platform as chats are no longer limited to just individuals within your federation — gone are the days of registering a new username for each federation you join," announced Fedi.
"Keep in mind that Fedi is still in Bravo state, meaning that there may be some hiccups along the way. If you run into any issues, please reach out via the Support mod on the Home screen or visit the Support page on our website."

What's new

  • Single account for all your chats across all federations.
  • Add a profile picture and change your username.
  • Grant admin permissions, and invite, remove, and ban members in your group.
  • Protect your account and log in with a PIN code.
  • Choose the wallet you have in different federations to make payments.
    • "When receiving a chat payment from a federation you’re not a member of, you’ll have the option to join the federation and receive the eCash. Alternatively, you can choose to reject the payment altogether if you prefer not to join the federation."

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