EttaWallet: Open Source Non-Custodial Lightning Wallet

EttaWallet is a reference open-source non-custodial lightning wallet with a strong bias towards usability, accessibility, and good UX. It was inspired by Bitcoin Design Community.

EttaWallet: Open Source Non-Custodial Lightning Wallet
  • "The Bitcoin Design Community created a reference design for a non-custodial daily spending lightning wallet which planted the seed of an idea that germinated and blossomed into EttaWallet."
  • "EttaWallet is written in Typescript and built with React Native for Android and iOS. All the components from the Design Guide have been reduced into a strongly-typed UI library (etta-ui) that is fully customisable and anybody can use it on their own projects."
  • "EttaWallet is 100% reproducible and anybody can run it on their own infrastructure. The wallet takes advantage of Lightning Dev Kit (LDK) to setup a mobile node on the user's device."
  • Here's what you can do with it now:

    - Scan and decode BOLT 11 invoices.
    - Decode and pay BOLT 11 invoices, lightning address, node URIs.
    - Generate BOLT 11 invoices.
    - Open new channels for Just-In-Time liquidity with an LSP.
    - Aggregate transaction activity by period.
    - Local backups for channels, transactions.
    - Cloud backups for iCloud and GDrive.
  • Current limitations:

    - Ships in testnet for now.
    - Translations are outdated.
    - Accessibility features are outdated for most components.

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