Ephemerelay: Nostr Relay That Doesn't Care About The Past

Emphemerelay is a Nostr relay without a dedicated database.

Ephemerelay: Nostr Relay That Doesn't Care About The Past
  • "Ephemerelay is a Nostr relay implemented in about 100 lines of code. It immediately sends an EOSE for any filter, and then begins returning new events that match. Submitting an event works similarly - it will only be distributed to clients currently connected on that filter."
  • "Clients and relays are like the circles and squares of the Nostr protocol - the most basic shapes. But even more primordial than a square is a right-triangle. The ephemeral relay is the inferior sibling of the relay. It is part of the greater Nostr story, and it WANTS to exist."
  • "There are all kinds of possibilities for complex networking setups with Nostr. An ephemeral relay can transmit data to clients, who can in turn transmit events to fully-qualified relays that actually store things. Alternatively, you can just use it to chat with your friends who are online."
  • "The biggest benefit is not caring about storage space, not caring about spam, and not caring about cost. At least not in this context. That's someone else's job."

Tech stack

  • TypeScript
  • Deno
  • NoDB (it's like NoSQL except there's no database)


  • About 100 lines of code.
  • Supports NIP-01, NIP-15, and NIP-20.
  • There isn't a database.

GitLab Repo