Envoy v1.7.0: Buy Bitcoin, Redeem BTCPay Vouchers & More

Envoy is a free and open source mobile Bitcoin wallet and a companion app for Passport signing device. It can also be used a standalone Bitcoin mobile wallet.

Envoy v1.7.0: Buy Bitcoin, Redeem BTCPay Vouchers & More
  • "Envoy 1.7 is here, and it’s one of our biggest releases ever.  Starting today you can buy Bitcoin directly into self-custody with a few simple taps, more easily redeem Bitcoin vouchers from both Azte.co and BTCPay servers, and discover new peer-to-peer, no-KYC exchanges," announced the project.
  • "At the core of this update to Envoy is a brand-new integration with Ramp, allowing Envoy users to seamlessly purchase Bitcoin with debit cards, credit cards, Apple and Google Pay, and more directly to their Envoy accounts," Foundation said in a blog post.
"Foundation never has access to any information about your purchases at any point in the process. Our policy of protecting user privacy continues to be at the core of what we do, and that carries over into our new Buy Bitcoin feature," added the company.

What's new

  • Buy Bitcoin straight to self-custody, directly in Envoy.
    • "We've partnered with Ramp to integrate a seamless Bitcoin buying experience directly into Envoy. No need to leave the app, no annoying address copy-paste, no hassle."
  • Redeem BTCPay vouchers directly in Envoy.
    • The BTCPay team have been hard at work building a unique voucher system into BTCPay which will be out soon, but we're such big fans we couldn't wait for full release.
    • As soon as BTCPay vouchers are released to the public, you'll be able to simply scan the QR and redeem straight into Envoy.
  • Discovering peer-to-peer exchanges and Bitcoin ATMs. "We’ve added a simple way to discover new peer-to-peer exchanges and Bitcoin ATMs. These present powerful ways to buy and sell Bitcoin without having to give over personally identifiable information."
    • "We have longer term plans to build in native peer-to-peer exchange integrations into Envoy, but those are a bit trickier technically (and legally) so keep an eye out for news on that down the line."
  • Added support for Signet and Esplora nodes.
    • "Signet is a unique Bitcoin testing network that is often far more stable than testnet, so we've added support to make testing and educating on Bitcoin via Envoy easier."
  • New Fee Overspend warning in Envoy. "When you go to send a transaction that spends more than 25% in fees, Envoy will now warn you to be sure you're aware."
  • Envoy is now available in Portuguese.
  • Added Norwegian 🇳🇴 Krone display to Envoy.
  • Pairing a renamed Passport will now update the name of that Device in the Devices tab in Envoy.
  • Pairing a renamed Account on Passport will now update the name of the account in Envoy.
  • Scanning a BIP21 QR code with a label will automatically add that Label to the Notes section of the Envoy transaction.
  • Improved the way Envoy handled pasting addresses in the Send screen to make it a more fast and smooth experience.
  • Notes will now carry over from the original transaction to the Boosted or Canceled transactions, should you Boost or Cancel any transaction.
  • Long pressing the address in the transaction details view will now automatically copy the address to clipboard.
  • New toast implemented that should help troubleshoot backend connection failures.
  • Envoy's connection to the backend node has been hardened, connection stability improved and downtime should be drastically reduced.
  • Envoy will now show a new line in Activity and a toast when a new version is available.
  • Added a timeout for the PIN/Biometric authentication.
  • Hiding a balance in an account will also hide its corresponding transactions in the Activity view.
  • Envoy will now warn the user sooner if they try to overspend, instead of waiting for a valid address to be pasted in.
  • Added the option to select which coin to spend from in order to Boost if the original transaction's change is not enough.
  • Improved the behavior and UI when entire tags are locked.
  • Improved the Android Firmware download process to improve file writing to SD card.
  • Added new screens that explain why Boosting a transaction failed.
  • The Seed Import using QR is now more resilient and will not break if there's non-space characters between words in the importing QR.
  • Users can now add a clearnet node and connect to it via tor.

For a complete list of bug fixes and improvements, see the project's release notes.

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