Envoy v1.4.0-beta: Intuitive Coin Control & More

Envoy is a free and open source mobile Bitcoin wallet and a companion app for Passport signing device. It can also be used a standalone Bitcoin mobile wallet.

Envoy v1.4.0-beta: Intuitive Coin Control & More
  • "Today we drop a huge new Envoy release to all our VIPs in our beta Telegram," announced Foundation Devices on Nostr.
"In this version of Envoy we’ve implemented intuitive and easy-to-use coin control, a new Activity Center and Privacy Shield, a redesigned Learn tab, broad user experience and user interface improvements, and squashed bugs across the board."
  • "Avoid the FOMO and join our Early Access Rewards program today to get a first look at what we're building while earning sats for finding bugs."
  • "Be the first to report any reproducible issue for Passport or Envoy beta releases and get a 10k Satoshi bounty in Bitcoin per issue reported!"

1. Join our TG group here: https://t.me/foundationbeta
2. Test the beta releases for Passport firmware or Envoy app.
3. Report issues on Github.
4. All issues (the first time they are reported) are eligible for the 10k Satoshi reward.
5. Foundation team members will validate the issues for eligibility.
6. Rewards sent directly to your provided Bitcoin address or Lightning invoice.

What's new in v1.4.0

  • Say hello to the most intuitive and approachable coin control in any Bitcoin wallet to date.
  • Implemented a new Activity Center and Privacy Shield in the bottom toolbar.
  • Redesigned the Learn tab from the ground up, with an entirely new UI, improved video player, the ability to read blog posts directly in Envoy, and an improved FAQ section.
  • Implemented full support for BRL fiat conversion. Welcome, Brazil! 🇧🇷.
  • Implemented new “sat” and “btc” icons for units instead of text.
  • Migrate Tor support to use the new Arti Tor client, implemented in an open-source Flutter library.

For a complete list of improvements and bug fixes, check out the project's GitHub repository.

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