eNuts v0.1.0-beta: New Features & UX Improvements

eNuts is a mobile Cashu wallet for Android and iOS.

eNuts v0.1.0-beta: New Features & UX Improvements
  • "Our latest release is finally here, and it's the result of a month-long hackathon tournament! We've packed this release with a LOT of new features and improvements, taking our UX to the next level."

What's new

  • Add proper caching for Nostr profile metadata by @BilligsterUser
  • Add image proxy by @BilligsterUser
  • Add NIP50 search by @BilligsterUser
  • Improved Nostr relay implementation by @BilligsterUser
  • Add Swahili translations by @turizspace
  • Favorize Nostr contact to display it on top of the list by @KKA11010
  • Add Recently used Nostr contact by @KKA11010
  • Delete user NPUB by @KKA11010
  • Change user NPUB by @KKA11010
  • Add Image cache by @KKA11010
  • Add lightning scheme and handle payment request (Zaps) by @KKA11010
  • QR scanner recognizes mint urls by @KKA11010
  • Add option to show mint URL as QR code by @KKA11010
  • QR scanner recognizes Nostr public keys by @KKA11010
  • Add cash out option to the Nostr LN-address of the user by @KKA11010
  • Auto check if token has been scanned after creating it by @KKA11010
  • Press on mint balance in amount selection screen to send whole balance by @KKA11010
  • Update general app layout and UI by @KKA11010
  • Reload addressbook by pulling down the list by @KKA11010
  • Update QR scanner screen layout and add QR-marker animation by @KKA11010
  • Add Swipe button to confirm TX by @KKA11010
  • Stop writing Nostr in all caps by @KKA11010

Bug fixes

  • Solved negative fee for outgoing lightning payments by @BilligsterUser
  • Solved missing Nostr contact metadata in addressbook by @BilligsterUser
  • Solved publishing Nostr DM event did not include the recipients relays by @KKA11010

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