eNuts Wallet v0.0.3: First Public Beta Release

eNuts is a custodial cashu wallet for Android and iOS. eNuts is a strictly typed mobile Cashu wallet that has Lightning support and can connect to multiple mints. A Nostr integration allows seemless transactions between you and your contacts.

eNuts Wallet v0.0.3: First Public Beta Release
  • "We're excited to introduce you to the very first public beta release of eNuts."
  • "This is a significant milestone in a development journey, and we greatly appreciate your commitment and support throughout this process. 0.0.1-beta and 0.0.2-beta builds have been tested internally but not added to the release history."
  • "Please review release notes before install. Only use funds you're willing to lose. Please report bugs or share feedback over Github."

Full Changelog: v0.1.1-alpha...v0.0.3-beta

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