Elements v22.1: Native Liquid Testnet

Elements is a collection of feature experiments and extensions to the Bitcoin protocol. This platform enables anyone to build their own businesses or networks pegged to Bitcoin as a sidechain or run as a standalone blockchain with arbitrary asset tokens.

Elements v22.1: Native Liquid Testnet
  • Brings Elements up to date with Bitcoin Core version v22.1. To see the Bitcoin v22.1 release notes please click here.
  • rpc: decodepsbt: fix check for blind_reissuance_amount_proof output by @jgriffiths in #1182
  • fix pset swap example by @wintercooled in #1192
  • Add include_explicit to walletcreatefundedpsbt by @achow101 in #1186
  • Add native support for liquidtestnet by @psgreco in #1167
  • Add missing field 'signblock_challenge' back to getblock by @andreabonel in #1194
  • Have testproposedblock return RPC_VERIFY_ALREADY_IN_CHAIN by @stevenroose in #928

Full Changelog: elements-22.0.2...elements-22.1

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