Elements v22.1.1: Node Optimization for Lightweight DIY Hardware

Elements is an open source implementation of advanced blockchain features extending the Bitcoin protocol.

Elements v22.1.1: Node Optimization for Lightweight DIY Hardware
  • The Liquid community has long requested a more lightweight Elements node client for better compatibility with cheaper off-the-shelf DIY hardware. Elements 21.1.1 starts to deliver on that promise by optimizing Liquid's block headers, and we plan to optimize node efficiency even further in future releases.
  • Under 21.1.1, internal benchmarks show upwards of a 50% reduction in memory usage when running liquidv1.
  • With these new optimizations, we are confident users can now harness the full Bitcoin stack (i.e., Bitcoin, Core Lightning, and Liquid nodes) concurrently on little more power than a 8GB Raspberry Pi.

Elements 22.1.1 also comes packed with maintenance updates and smaller fixes, including:

  • Correct help messages for getsidechaininfo RPC and testproposedblock.
  • Obscure mainchain RPC fields in the logs.
  • Allow deploying Regtest networks with Pay-to-Witness-Script-Hash (P2WSH) peg-ins.
  • Fix underflow when blocks are ahead of headers.
  • The team also made several amends to assets via the elements-qt, including making the "use available balance" keep a selected asset, instead of defaulting back to L-BTC.

Full Changelog: elements-22.1...elements-22.1.1

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