Electrum v4.5.5: Fixes and Improvements

Electrum is a lightweight Bitcoin and Lightning wallet for all desktop platforms and Android.

Electrum v4.5.5: Fixes and Improvements
  • "New release: Electrum 4.5.5. Fixes trampoline fee issues for users who have a channel with ACINQ," announced the project.

What's new


    • fix: timeout error shadowed by aiorpcx cancellation bug
    • changed: Fiat exchange rates: do not overwrite the locally saved historical data. Instead, merge old and new data (a2fb70d6). This also ~fixes the CoinGecko historical API by only asking for the last 365 days.
    • update: support latest revision of SLIP-39 mnemonic spec (to restore)


    • new: unify max fee bounds for payments, make it configurable
    • changed: trampoline fees: instead of hardcoded list, use exponential search, capped by configurable budget
    • fix: opening new channels with peer that has .onion address


    • remove bitstring

QML GUI (Android)

    • new: add tx options to ConfirmTxDialog, RbfBumpFeeDialog
    • various UI fixes

Qt Desktop GUI

    • fix: save notes whenever modified
    • fix: offline 2fa wallet creation failing in some cases
    • various UI fixes

Hardware wallets

    • Bitbox02: fix: call pairing dialog when necessary
    • Jade: update: bump library to 1.0.29


    • new: add AppArmor profiles for tarball and AppImage

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