Electrum v4.5.3: Fixes and Improvements

Electrum is a lightweight Bitcoin and Lightning wallet for all desktop platforms and Android.

Electrum v4.5.3: Fixes and Improvements

What's new


  • changed: label tx sizes as "vbytes", and feerates as "sat/vbyte" (#8864)
  • fix: wizard regression not able to use HWW as cosigner for new wallets (643fbec)
  • fix: onchain invoice paid detection broken if jsonpatch enabled (#8842)
  • fix: program not starting because of bad "proxy" config value (#8837)
  • fix: wizard: don't log sensitive values: replace blacklist with whitelist (638fdf11)

Qt Desktop GUI

  • new: basic "add server as bookmark" functionality (#8865)
  • fix: potential race condition in wizard page construction (c78a90a)
  • fix: don't use lightning invoice when user specifies MAX amount (#8900)
  • various UI fixes (#8874, 2882c4b, #8889, 66af6e6)

QML GUI (Android)

  • fix potential concurrency issue loading wallet (#8355)
  • fix: wizard: fails to restore from 2fa seed: KeyError: 'x1' (#8861)
  • various UI fixes (50a53aa, 0a6b2d5, #8782, 6738e1e, c0b8927, 016e500, #8898)

Hardware wallets

  • new: support SLIP-19 ownership proofs, for trezor-based Standard_Wallets (#8871)
  • fix: regression in sign_transaction for trezor one for multisig (#8813)


  • changed: nicer error messages and error-passing (#8888)


  • fix: timing issue in lnpeer.reestablish_channel, for replaying unacked updates (79d88dcb)

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