Electrum v4.5.2: Bug Fixes

Electrum is a lightweight Bitcoin and Lightning wallet for all desktop platforms and Android.

Electrum v4.5.2: Bug Fixes

What's new


  • fix: MPP regression when using gossip that made paying small invoices fail (95c55c542)
  • fix: better handle dataloss (#8814)
    • allow manually requesting force-close in WE_ARE_TOXIC state
    • fix some timing issues


  • localization: never translate CLI/RPC (0e5a1380)
  • localization: simplify how default language is chosen (0e5a1380)

QML GUI (Android)

  • bump min required android version from android 5.0 to 6.0 (#8761)
    (older versions have not been working in practice since at least 4.4.0)
  • properly refresh history if addresses are deleted from imported wallets (#8782)
  • fix crash when LNURLp is scanned/pasted (#8822)
  • fix crash for new wallets having cosigner using hww #8808)
  • fix crash in finalizer when txid is undefined (#8807)
  • various UI fixes (291f0ce, 3d9996a, ec81f00)

Qt Desktop GUI

  • also support unfinished wallets when opened through File>Open (#8809)
  • fix handler for OpenFileEventFilter (6a28ef5)
  • fix crash during startup/wizard-open (#8833)

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