Electrum v4.4.2: Various Bug Fixes

Electrum is a lightweight Bitcoin wallet for all desktop platforms and Android.

Electrum v4.4.2: Various Bug Fixes

Release notes


  • fix undefined var check in swap_dialog (#8341)
  • really fix "recursion depth exceeded" for utxo privacy analysis (#8315)


  • fix signing txs for 2fa wallets (#8368)
  • fix for wallets with encrypted-keystore but unencrypted-storage (#8374)
  • properly delete wizard components after use (#8357)
  • avoid entering loadWallet if daemon is already busy loading (#8355)
  • no auto capitalization on import and master key text fields (5600375d)
  • remove Qt virtual keyboard and add Seedkeyboard for seed entry (#8371, #8352)
  • add runtime toggling of android SECURE_FLAG, to allow screenshots (#8351)
  • restrict cases where server is shown "lagging" (53d61c01)
  • fix hardened char "h" vs "'" needed for some hw wallets (#8364, 499f5153)
  • fix digitalbitbox(1) support (22b8c4e3)
  • fix wrong type for "history_rates" config option (#8367)
  • fix issues with wallet.get_tx_parents (a1bfea61, 56fa8325)

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