Electrum v4.4.0: New Android GUI, Privacy Features

Electrum is a lightweight Bitcoin wallet for all desktop platforms and Android.

Electrum v4.4.0: New Android GUI, Privacy Features

Release notes

  • New Android app, using QML instead of Kivy:
    - Using Qt 5.15.7, PyQt 5.15.9.
    - This release still on python3.8.
    - Feature parity with Kivy.
    - Android Back button used throughout, for cancel/close/back.
    - Note: two topbar menus; tap wallet name for wallet menu, tap
    network orb for application menu.
    - Note: long-press Receive/Send for list of payment requests/invoices.
  • Qt GUI improvements:
    - New onchain transaction creation flow, with configurable preview.
    - Various options have been moved to toolbars, where their effect
    can be more directly observed.
  • Privacy features:
    - lightning: support for option scid_alias.
    - Qt GUI: UTXO privacy analysis: this dialog displays all the
    wallet transactions that are either parent of a UTXO, or can be
    related to it through address reuse (Note that in the case of
    address reuse, it does not display children transactions.)
    - Coins tab: New menu that lets users easily spend a selection
    of UTXOs into a new channel, or into a submarine swap (Qt GUI).
  • Internal:
    - Lightning invoices are regenerated everytime routing hints are
    deprecated due to liquidity changes.
    - Script descriptors are used internally to sign transactions.

"The new android app will be progressively deployed on Google Play. If you want to test it now, you need to download and install the APK."

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