Electrum v4.3.3: Support for Recent Ledger Update and Bug Fixes

Electrum is a popular bitcoin wallet available for all major desktop operating systems and android.

Electrum v4.3.3: Support for Recent Ledger Update and Bug Fixes


  - fix handling failed HTLCs in gossip-based routing (#7995)

  - fix LN cooperative-chan-close to witness v1 addr (#8012)


  - never put ypub/zpub in psbts, only plain xpubs (#8036)

  - for witness v0 txins, put both UTXO and WIT_UTXO in psbt (#8039)

Hardware wallets:

  - Trezor: optimize signing speed by not serializing tx (#8058)

  - Ledger:

    - modify plugin to support new bitcoin app v2.1.0 (#8041),

    - added a deprecation warning when using Ledger HW.1 devices.

      Ledger itself stopped supporting HW.1 some years ago, and it is

      becoming a maintenance burden for us to keep supporting it.

      Please migrate away from these devices. Support will be removed

      in a future release.


  - tighten build system to only use source pkgs in more places (#7999, #8000)

  - Windows:

    - use debian makensis instead of upstream windows exe (#8057)

    - stop using debian sid, build missing dep instead (98d29cba)

  - AppImage: fix failing to run on certain systems (#8011)


  - getinfo() to show if running in testnet mode (#8044)

  - add a "convert_currency" command (for fiat FX rate) (#8091)

Qt wizard: fix QR code not shown during 2fa wallet creation (#8071)

rework Tor-socks-proxy detection to reduce Tor-log-spam (#7317)

Android: add setting to enable debug logs (#7409)

fix payserver (merchant) js for electrum 4.3 invoice api (0fc90e07)

bip21: more robust handling of URIs that include a "lightning" key (ac1d53f0, 2fd762c3, #8047)

Release Notes