Diamond Hands Partners with Boltz, Releases Improved DH Swap Service

Diamond Hands released a new and improved DH Swap service for better Lightning liquidity management in partnership with Boltz.

Diamond Hands Partners with Boltz, Releases Improved DH Swap Service
  • "We are pleased to announce the release of a major update to DH Swap, the Boltz-based trustless liquidity management service provided by Diamond Hands."
  • "By entering into a strategic partnership with Boltz, we are now able to jointly offer and improve the service and expand the Boltz ecosystem in Japan and beyond."
"We are excited to partner with Diamond Hands to expand the reach of Boltz to Japan and Asia. This partnership allows Diamond Hands to tailor Boltz services with e.g. language localization, better routes on the lighting network and customizations like increased swap limits to fit local market needs, " Boltz was quoted as saying.

What's new

  • Improved UI/UX. "Users can now navigate the swap process more intuitively with fewer steps, swap to taproot addresses, swap to exact on-chain amounts and install DH Swap as a PWA on mobile phones."
  • Liquid/LN Swap. "Users can now also manage Lightning liquidity with Liquid BTC from the DH Swap interface via the Boltz API."
  • Improved stability and uptime. "We have improved our behind-the-scenes liquidity management strategy. As a result, swapping on DH Swap will be more stable, with much less downtime due to lack of liquidity."
  • Japanese Translation. "We've (finally!) translated the website into Japanese. The Lightning ecosystem in Japan is still nascent and relatively small, but we hope this will help educate the local community about the importance of swap services in the routing economy."

What's next

  • DH Swap API Integrations. "We are working on integrating the DH Swap API with other external Lightning services, including wallets, exchanges and Lightning liquidity provision services."
  • Peerswap Integration. "We are looking closely at Peerswap, a technology that allows Lightning nodes to balance their channels by facilitating atomic swaps with direct peers."
  • Optimizing Liquidity Management. "We aim to further optimize our liquidity management strategy to improve the availability of the service. With better optimization, we hope to eventually increase the swap amount limit from the current 0.3 btc to serve even more users in the future."

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