Damus v1.6.(2) Released on TestFlight

Damus is a free and open source Nostr client for iPhone, iPad and MacOS devices.

Damus v1.6.(2) Released on TestFlight
  • "Damus testflight v1.6 (2) is out!

    - Initial longform note support!
    - You can now edit your banner!
    - Multi-lingual hashtags!
    - Fix many npub mention bugs."

Full changelog

- Add support for multilingual hashtags (cr0bar)
- Add r tag when mentioning a url (William Casarin)
- Add initial longform note support (William Casarin)
- Enable banner image editing (Joel Klabo)
- Add relay log in developer mode (Bryan Montz)
- Fix lag when creating large posts (William Casarin)
- Fix npub mentions failing to parse in some cases (William Casarin)
- Fix PostView initial string to skip mentioning self when on own profile (Terry Yiu)
- Fix freezing bug when tapping Developer settings menu (Terry Yiu)
- Fix potential fake profile zap attacks (William Casarin)
- Fix issue where malicious zappers can send fake zaps to another user's posts (William Casarin)
- Fix profile post button mentions (cr0bar)
- Fix icons on settings view (cr0bar)
- Fix Invalid Zap bug in reposts (William Casarin)
- Remove old @ and & hex key mentions (William Casarin)

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