Core Lightning v23.05.1: Bugfix Release

"This is a bugfix-only release which repairs several crashes reported in the wild. It is a recommended upgrade for anyone on v23.05."

Core Lightning v23.05.1: Bugfix Release
  • Core Lightning v23.05: Austin Texas Agreement was a major release that introduced PSBTv2 support, new RPC and GRPC commands, default blinded paths, new options for fee rates, and more.
  • You can read more about it here.

Release notes

  • Fixed crash (memory corruption!) in listtransactions ([#6304])
  • Don't crash on gossip store deletion fail ([#6297])
  • Fix incompatibility with LND which prevented us opening private channels ([#6304])
  • Fixed crash in dual-funding. ([#6273])

~ @rustyrussell, @ShahanaFarooqui, @endothermicdev, @cdecker, and @niftynei

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