Coracle v0.4.5: Custom Feed Builder & More

Coracle is a free and open source web client for the Nostr protocol focused on relay selection and management, web-of-trust (WoT) based moderation and content recommendations, and privacy protection.

Coracle v0.4.5: Custom Feed Builder & More
  • "Coracle 0.4.5 is out! This release was over two months in the making, and includes a whole lot of small quality-of-life updates, as well as a complete re-write of relay selection and feed loading," announced @hodlbod.
"The flagship feature for this update though is CUSTOM FEEDS. One of the biggest promises of nostr has always been to "give control to the user". This is a huge idea, and while being theoretically possible, the tools haven't really been available to make that happen until now."
  • "With Coracle's custom feed builder, you can not only choose what people or topics you want to hear from, you can also incorporate lists and DVMs into the mix as well. And because feeds can be saved and shared, it's now trivial to view other people's lists and feeds. The "marketplace of algorithms" is now a reality!"
  • "A big part of this release was the `welshman` library, which you can find here. It contains various nostr-specific tools, including for connection management, relay selection, and loading custom feeds. Very alpha, so expect things to change."
  • New release also adds support for rendering code fences. "This is especially nice when trying to publish literal urls or nostr entities without having them auto-rendered," said @hodlbod.
  • Coracle now also has a better relay settings page, allowing users to toggle read and write relays independently. The new release also comes with "a handy little HUD that will show you the status of recently published notes! Useful for tracking down uncooperative relays," was explained on Nostr.
"People don't often realize that Coracle is not only a twitter-like client, but also has calendars, marketplaces, and groups. In the latest release, groups have gotten the WoT treatment — when browsing groups, instead of getting a random assortment, they're now sorted by how many people you follow have joined them."
  • "Thanks to @daniele for his help making this release both pretty and functional," added the developer.
  • If you like Coracle and want to support its development, donate some sats via Geyser.

What's new

  • Accept npubs in people input
  • Skip notifying admin when the person joining/leaving groups is the admin
  • Remove group share modal, skip straight to create invite link
  • Rank groups by Web of Trust (WoT) score
  • Fix subtle navigation bugs
  • Show a little more metadata on relay card
  • Make groups deletable
  • Use new utility libraries
  • Fix network filter
  • Refactor subscribe/load
  • Switch to chips for relay controls for more granularity
  • Fix group search
  • Join invite relays in background during onboarding
  • Republish user profile data when joining a new relay
  • Create new note publish status HUD
  • Add wallet setup onboarding item
  • Remember theme after logging out
  • Collapse apps in note details modal
  • Add custom feeds
  • Introduce new in-memory relay
  • Re-work feed controls
  • Re-work utility library
  • Make buttons, chips, and inputs sleeker
  • Clean up onboarding with an invite
  • Only tag parent event in reactions
  • Fix url hashes, render code blocks
  • Use bitcoin connect instead of webln
  • Fix double submit on group create dialog
  • Add mentions to note info dialog

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