Coracle v0.2.30: Mostly Maintenance

Coracle is a web client for the Nostr protocol that is focused on providing a high-quality social media experience.

Coracle v0.2.30: Mostly Maintenance
  • "Dufflepud is a companion server which you can self-host. It helps Coracle with things like link previews and image uploads."
  • "If you like Coracle and want to support its development, you can donate sats via Geyser."
  • Some Coracle users also noted that Coracle now comes with a recommended micro-app store.
Coracle's Nostr micro-app store.

What's new

  • Prefer followed users when mentioning people.
  • Open people in a modal when it makes sense.
  • Fix regex for urls.
  • Fix note sharing bug.
  • Add mention mark to e tags embedded in notes.
  • Add tags to notes by parsing content.
  • Add note delete button.
  • Add mentions to quotes.
  • Increase routes table size and change sort order to hopefully get better relay hints.
  • Upgrade mentions from square bracket notation to bech32 embeds.

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