COLDCARD Q v0.0.6-beta: Source Code Is Now Public

COLDCARD Q is the higher-end COLDCARD that comes with a full QWERTY keyboard, a larger LCD screen, a real QR scanner and more. The Q uses exactly the same security model as the Mk4 COLDCARD, with dual multi-vendor secure elements.

COLDCARD Q v0.0.6-beta: Source Code Is Now Public
Source: @xavierfiechter
  • Check out the Q vs MK4 comparison here.


  • Secure Notes & Passwords: stash text and/or passwords in your Q.
  • Scan Any QR: and the Q will figure something useful to do with it.
  • Press QR or NFC key in many contexts and useful things happen (may not be documented)
  • QR icon in corner: can paste into text field from QR

What's new

  • bugfix: randomize keys for PIN entry
  • when picking files, we just skip to showing you the files options (or picking the single winner) rather than talking about it first.
  • BIP-39 passphrase process completely streamlined
  • batch signing now offered when we see two or more signable PSBT's on the card
  • bugfix: can now reformat SD card in B slot
  • move away from `44'` (prime) for hardened derivation paths, in favour of `44h`; both accepted for input, but we are going to display `44h` style going forward.
  • bugfix: (QR) or other double-wide chars would be garbled if half off right edge
  • cleanups, bugfixes

Full release notes with all the updates can be found here.

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