COLDCARD Q1 Firmware v1.1.0 Released

COLDCARD Q is the higher-end COLDCARD signing device that comes with a full QWERTY keyboard, a larger LCD screen, a real QR scanner and more. It uses exactly the same security model as the Mk4 COLDCARD, with dual multi-vendor secure elements.

COLDCARD Q1 Firmware v1.1.0 Released
  • COLDCARD Q Firmware v1.1.0Q has been released:
    • COLDCARD Q now supports address validation (QR Scan or NFC) for Multisig or Single sig.
    • Adds cover Calculator Login.
    • Many other improvements and fixes.

What's new

  • Enhancement: Scan any QR and report if it is part of a wallet this Coldcard knows the key for. Includes Multisig and single sig wallets.
    • searches up to the first 1528 addresses (external and change addresses)
    • stores data as it goes to accelerate future uses
    • worst case, it can take up to 2 minutes to rule out an address, but after that it is fast!
  • Enhancement: Calculator login mode. When enabled, the usual PIN entry screen is replaced with a functional calculator. Enter your PIN as 12-12 or 12 12 to get it. To verify anti-phishing words, use 12-.
  • Bugfix: Key right of L was giving back quote, should have been single-quote. SYM+E for back quote.
  • Bugfix: Constant AFC_BECH32M incorrectly set AFC_WRAPPED and AFC_BECH32.
  • Bugfix: Base64 PSBT via QR was not properly decoded.
  • Bugfix: Fix inability to activate Duress Wallet as temporary seed when master seed is 12 words.
  • Bugfix: Switch to BBQr for larger data exports at a new lower size threshold.
    • Generally, won't show tiny QR anymore with 1:1 pixels.
    • Sparrow wallet export will always be BBQr now.
    • Most other exports fit into a reasonable single QR.
  • Bugfix: fixed Type Passwords a.k.a emulated keystrokes
  • Bugfix: Yikes when using BIP39 passphrase with temporary seed without master seed set.
  • Tweak: Default idle timeout when on battery, was reduced to 10 minutes from 30.
  • Tweak: Cursor movements wrap around if menu is longer than screen height.
  • Tweak: Force default HW settings (USB,NFC,VDisk OFF) after clone/backup is restored.
  • Tweak: Cleanup in NFC code: repeated messages, "Unable to find data expectd in NDEF", removed.

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