COLDCARD Q Firmware v1.0.0 Released

COLDCARD Q is the higher-end COLDCARD signing device that comes with a full QWERTY keyboard, a larger LCD screen, a real QR scanner and more. The Q uses exactly the same security model as the Mk4 COLDCARD, with dual multi-vendor secure elements.

COLDCARD Q Firmware v1.0.0 Released
Source: @rfo2000
  • "We will start shipping them out in order of purchase next week. It's a YUGE backlog, so may take a couple months to ship them all. You will receive an email when yours is ready," was announced on X.

What's new

  • Bump major version number, remove BETA marking
  • Finalize version 1.0.4 bootrom, no real changes
  • Bugfix: Yikes when saving seed words imported by QR
  • Bugfix: Crash w/ blank screen sometimes, either on power-up or after upgrading firmware
  • Testing: Accelerate internal testing by reviving "headless" mode of simulator

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