COLDCARD Mk4 v6.2.2X Edge Firmware Released

Edge is an experimental firmware for Coldcard Mk4, dedicated to developers, advanced users, and early testers.

COLDCARD Mk4 v6.2.2X Edge Firmware Released
Source: @alexeyagapov
  • Disclaimer: This preview version of firmware has not yet been qualified and tested to the same standard as normal Coinkite products. It is recommended only for developers and early adopters for experimental use. DO NOT use for large Bitcoin amounts.

What's new

  • New Feature: Miniscript USB interface
  • New Feature: Named miniscript imports. Wrap descriptor in json {"name:"n0", "desc":"<descriptor>"} with name key to use this name instead of the filename. Mostly useful for USB and NFC imports that have no file, in which case name was created from descriptor checksum.
  • Enhancement: Allow keys with same origin, differentiated only by change index derivation in miniscript descriptor.
  • Enhancement: HSM wallet rule enabled for miniscript
  • Enhancement: Add msas in to the share_addrs HSM rule to be able to check miniscript addresses in HSM mode.
  • Enhancement: HW Accelerated AES CTR for BSMS and passphrase saver
  • Bugfix: Do not allow to import duplicate miniscript wallets (thanks to AnchorWatch)
  • Bugfix: Saving passphrase on SD Card caused a freeze that required reboot

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