Clams v1.6.0: BOLT12 Offers

Clams is a free and open source browser interface for securely and remotely controlling your Core Lightning node.

Clams v1.6.0: BOLT12 Offers
  • This release adds support for BOLT12 offers. You can now scan and send to all BOLT12 offers types as well as create and manage your own!
  • The recurrence feature of BOLT12 is not currently supported, but will be added in a future release.


  • 1.5.2-0.1.0: Feature - BOLT12 #136
  • 1.5.2-0.1.1 - Fix: Clams Rune recipe #137
  • 1.5.2-0.1.5 - Fix: Additional BOLT12 Fixes #139
  • 1.5.2-0.1.11 - Enhancement: Animations #140
  • 1.5.2-0.1.12 - Fix: Faster and consistent transitions #143

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