Clams Remote v2.0.0: New Native Desktop Application & Improvements

Clams Remote lets you control your Core Lightning node(s) via the lightning network from any web enabled device.

Clams Remote v2.0.0: New Native Desktop Application & Improvements
  • "Version 2 is finally here!"
  • "We made a change to the domain and name of this app to Remote - a remote control for your Core Lightning node."
"Clams required a full refactor to put us in a position to add some exciting new features and expand Clams from being an interface for CLN nodes to being a unified Bitcoin app for individuals and businesses that are running on a Bitcoin standard."

What's new

  • All features that were included in v1 have been ported over to v2.
  • New interface design.
  • Full refactor of codebase to include a local data set, utilizing a local DB for advanced and efficient queries.
  • Performance improvements to handle nodes with large data sets (> 100k payments).
  • New Native Desktop Application available for download.
  • Manage multiple CLN nodes connections at the same time.
  • Full onchain support including a new dedicated UTXOs route and intelligent payment summaries.
  • Passphrase encrypted sessions to improve security.
  • Advanced sorting and filtering options for payments, UTXOs, channels, offers and forwards.

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