Open Beta of Clams Bitcoin Accounting App Launched

Clams is an accounting software for bitcoin that lets you see wallet balances in one place, visualize your bitcoin flows and generate reports. Clams beta is available as a Desktop app for Mac.

Open Beta of Clams Bitcoin Accounting App Launched
  • "We just released an open beta for Clams - our new Bitcoin focused accounting app," announced Clams.
  • Currently, the app integrates with Core Lightning and LND implementations, with support for more wallets coming soon.
"To start we support CLN and LND nodes as connections. We plan to add a bunch more like onchain, exchanges, custodial wallets and more. You can help us test, catch bugs and decide on priorities by joining our Discord," announced the project.


  • Private Local Data Store. "Your data never leaves your device unless you want it to."
  • Unlimited Wallets and Transactions.
  • Automated Transaction Syncing.
  • Full Lightning and Bitcoin Support.
  • Dynamic Sats Flow Dashboard.
  • Comprehensive Balance Tracking.
  • Interactive Charts for Insights.
  • Cost Basis.
  • Streamlined Double Entry Accounting.
  • Smart Transfer Matching.
  • Wallet and Transaction Tagging.
  • Error Detection and Reconciliation.
  • Cost Basis Analysis (coming soon).
  • Capital Gains (coming soon).
  • Profit and Loss Statements (coming soon).

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