CivKit Node v0.0.2: Mainstay Integration, Database Support & More

"The CivKit Node represents an experimental NIP-01 Rust relay, complemented by ongoing development of communication gateways for BOLT8 Noise transport and BOLT4 sphinx onion routing. Alongside this, there is a companion client binary designed specifically for development and testing purposes."

CivKit Node v0.0.2: Mainstay Integration, Database Support & More
  • "Happy to announce the release of Civikit V2, a significant upgrade that brings a host of new features and integrations to enhance your experience," announced Nicholas Gregory.
  • CivKit Node aims to enable a peer-to-peer electronic market system as described in the paper.
  • Documentation on how to run a Civkit node and status of Lightning payment integration is available in doc/ and doc/

What's new

  • Mainstay Integration: We've integrated, providing a more robust and seamless experience. This integration is set to enhance the platform's reliability and efficiency.
  • Credentials Framework with Bitcoin Core: Civikit V2 now works in tandem with Bitcoin Core for its credentials framework.
  • Database Support: Understanding the need for robust data management, we have incorporated comprehensive database support. This addition is aimed at improving data handling and storage capabilities.
  • Integration with Lightning Bolt 11: We're excited to bring you integration with Lightning Bolt 11, enhancing transaction capabilities and ensuring faster, more efficient operations.

Release notes

  • Integration of the first version of staking credentials in civkitd's CredentialGateway and Civkit sample (civkit-sample)
  • Experimental integration of Mainstay in the Civkit architecture
  • Experimental Civkit services API (src/proto/civkitservice.proto) to design modular and task-dedicated daemon leveraging Civkit node relay capabilities
  • Addition of Civkit sample command to live trade over the Civkit node (sendmarkertorder) with both BOLT11 / BOLT12 support
  • Integration with Bitcoin Core to validate credentials proofs
  • Addition of DB support with SQLite to store Nostr events published by Civkit sample clients
  • Dynamic protection of scarce Civkit Node resources (NoteProcessor::pending_write_db) by delaying DB write until credentials validation
  • Experimental addition of Civkit services (CredentialGateway::hosted_services) default announcement at destination of connected Clients
  • Enhanced support of Civkit Node configuration and deployment (example-config.toml)

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