CivKit Node v0.0.1 Released: Basic NIP-01 Support

"The CivKit Node is an experimental NIP-01 Rust relay, complemented by ongoing development of communication gateways for BOLT8 Noise transport and BOLT4 sphinx onion routing. Alongside this, there is a companion client binary designed specifically for development and testing purposes."

CivKit Node v0.0.1 Released: Basic NIP-01 Support
  • "CivKit Node aims to enable a peer-to-peer electronic market system as described in the paper."
  • CivKit Node v0.0.1 is the first release of CivKit Node to beta-test integration with Nostr clients. It is CLI-only and focuses on implementing basic NIP 01 support.
  • "It contains several bugs and unfinished tasks, and extensive testing across different platforms is yet to be conducted", wrote developer Nicholas Gregory in the announcement.
  • "A sample Nostr client binary is available for deployment and testing purposes, along with a utility binary that manages the node through a gRPC interface. This interface serves as a foundation for developing one or more GUI applications, which has been a consistent request from the community."
  • "An experimental integration with BOLT8 Noise transport, made possible by LDK, allows for peer connections between CivKit Nodes."
  • "The goal is to establish a unified communication infrastructure for Nostr and Lightning, creating a single market for peer-to-peer service providers like watchtowers, state backups, and boards."
  • "This integration facilitates collaboration on spam mitigation, robust cryptography (such as onion routing), and the preservation of privacy and monetary credentials."

Disclaimer: "This is not production-ready software, please do not use it for real deployment for now."

  • "The CivKit Node project embraces an open contributor model, welcoming individuals to actively participate through peer reviews, documentation, testing, and patches. We invite you to join us on this incredible journey of collaboration and innovation," added Nicholas Gregory on Twitter.

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